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Bakhoor Al Diya

$38.00 USD
  • A blend of hand-selected wood chips called Al Diya, Muattar Bakhoor includes geranium, cedarwood, basil, and agarwood.
  • "Elevate your home or personal care routine with the luxurious and exotic scent of Bakhoor Al Diya. This traditional Arabic incense is made from a blend of natural woods, resins, and oils, and is known for its cosy, woody aroma and calming effects.
  • Burn bakhoor on a burner or hot coal to release its mesmerizing fragrance and create an inviting and peaceful atmosphere in any space."

    Top Notes

    Delicious, Spicy, Fresh & Sharp

    Heart Notes

    Geranium, Cedarwood, Basil, and Agarwood.

    Base Notes

    Aromatic, Woody, Powdery, Warm

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