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Our Story

Wani Perfumes is a family company committed to bring you the finest and high quality perfumes, Oils, Bakhoor and Bakhoor Burners. We have sourced the most authentic ingredients to create the fragrances that define you.

Bakhoor and Oud have been used in our families for as long as we can remember.

Guests after a meal were offered different flavors of bakhoor (scented wood chips) to choose from that most suited their taste.

The search of reviving this Wonderful tradition was an enlightening one indeed. Took us to the most reputed mega scented oil laboratories in France and to the streets of Kannauj in UP, India treasure for scented oils, where the recipes of creating unique fragrances have been Family secrets.

Wani brings you Oils from Kannauj, Bakhoor from the Far East and mixed by the experts in the Sultanate of Oman. and Luban which is sourced from the woods in the Dhofar valley.