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Mia - Women

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Mia is the perfect feminine fragrance with its powdery scent and promise of making you travel around the world with its different notes in the top, heart, and base.

Go on a journey with Mia to the fields of Malaysia with its white floral notes, and travel from there to the foothills of the Himalayas as you uncover the citrus notes of the perfume. From there you get an entryway to Mexico with the tuberose notes that soon evolve into a more earthy, vanilla scent. Then you get a glimpse of French streets with the woody and animalic notes of the perfume.

Mia has been manufactured for the sophisticated and elegant women in mind that don’t mind a displaying a powerful yet subtly-sweet nature through their personality. The fragrance is effervescent and fresh on its top with a hint of warmth and deliciousness at the bottom. The scent is long-lasting enough to stay with you even after you’re done with the day.

White Floral Animalic Woody
Tuberose, Citrus Vanilla Powdery

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