Wani Perfumes

Mabsoos Kab Sehar

$38.00 USD
  • "Experience the timeless charm of The Mabsoos Kab Sehar Bakhoor, traditional Arabic incense with its warm, woody, and exotic scent, The Mabsoos Kab Sehar Bakhoor is perfect for adding fragrance and ambiance to any room.”
  • The Mabsoos Kab Sehar Bakhoor powder is a concoction of musk, rose, oakmoss, wildflowers, and wood powder.
  • The Mabsoos Kab Sehar Bakhoor releases the soothing aroma and transports you to the mysterious and luxurious world of the Middle East.

    Top Notes

    Wild, Floral, Fresh & Sweet

    Heart Notes

    Musk, Rose, Oakmoss & Wildflowers

    Base Notes

    Mussy, Warm, Woody, Powdery