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Zen - Men

$61.00 USD

Zen is inspired by blending tradition and modernity to create a fragrance that represents both these parts of your personality without compromise.

Zen promises to take you on a journey from the foothills of the Southeast Asian mountains with its citrus notes to the Thai fields where you can almost touch the scent of Amber combined with the heavier musky and woody notes that provide a balance of aromatic and fresh spicy scents.

Zen is made for the more contemporary yet divinely styled women who have a penchant for showing off their personality through the kind of fragrance they wear. The scent of the perfume boasts an energetic freshness that is long-lasting no matter how busy the day becomes.

Top: Grapefruit
Mid: Ginger, Ambrette Seeds
Base: Ambrox, Musk, Patchouli, Vetiver 

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