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Dahnal Oud Dahab

Sale price$111.00 CAD

Dehnal (Pure Gold in Arabic) Oud is a pure and rare perfume oil extracted from Oud - a dark aromatic resin extracted all the way from the Agarwood Trees of Assam in India.

The essential oil derived from these wild Agarwood trees is one of the most expensive natural products in the world. Wani's Dehnal Oud Oil is handcrafted using techniques handed down over generations bearing testimony to the intricate art of creation of the purest Oud Oils.

Careful distillation and years of aging ensure a delicate but delightful sweet aroma bound to attract even the biggest of Oud connoisseurs. The timeless aroma will transport you instantly to a world of olfactory exuberance and cheerful reminiscence.

Encased in a 3ml bottle, this batch of Oud is the perfect highly-prized gift for any special occasion.

• High-Quality Perfume Oil
• Derived from rare Agarwood trees of Assam
• Natural and Purest in Form
• Earthy and cheerful notes
• 3ml pack makes for a perfect gift

Dahnal Oud Dahab
Dahnal Oud Dahab Sale price$111.00 CAD