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Article: A Trip Down Memory Lane with Wani's Bakhoor Collection

wani's bakhoor collection

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Wani's Bakhoor Collection

Our memories are tied to us with more than just thoughts; they’re also linked to our senses, taking us back in time whenever we hear, see or smell something that connects to a time in the past.

Whether it’s the view of a certain scenery, the sound of a particular melody, or the scent of something or someone that means something important to you.

In fact, our memory has the closest ties to our sense of smell, which is why when you smell a familiar perfume or scent, you sense a feeling of déjà vu that takes you back in time. It could be the smell of jasmine on a quiet night, gasoline on concrete, or even the smell of your mother’s favorite bakhoor. These scents stay with you forever, which is why Wani’s Bakhoor Collection has been exclusively crafted to keep those memories alive with scents blended with the finest quality ingredients.

For the South Asian diaspora, these ingredients may include roses, jasmine, oud, and agarwood. For the African descendants, especially from North or West Africa, it’s the fragrance of the Boswellia trees that brings up memories from back home.

No matter what region you may be from, if the usage of oud and bakhoor was part of your household, their scent will trigger cherished memories from the past that you’ll always want to relive.

That’s because Bakhoors have been part of these regional households for decades, maybe even centuries. Even for us, the intense oud scent that’s powerful yet calming was a regular part of our special occasions like weddings, birthdays, religious ceremonies, and even Ramadan and Eid.

That is why for us, the scent of oud and bakhoor is the scent of familiarity, happiness, and warmth.

So let us take you down memory lane as we reminisce about the days we remember the most every time we smell this beautiful scent around us.

Get-togethers with cousins

Remember the days your whole family headed together to a grandparent’s house where you’d meet all your cousins?

We remember sitting together, giggling constantly as the house smelled of bakhoor oud, burning over coal in the corner of our grandmother’s living room.

Those simple clay burners and intense oud scents are imprinted in our minds, and the Wani bakhoor collection, especially our gift packages that include a bakhoor set with a burner and coal, are designed to bring back those memories each time.

Eid breakfast and mealtimes

Eid breakfasts are always special - the first early morning meal after a month that you enjoy with your friends and family after morning prayers. It’s a memory we’ll cherish forever. Especially the smell of roses and agarwood mingling with the delicacies prepared for the day. 

A gifting session usually followed those breakfasts, with family members giving each other something for the occasion. And it’s the memory of that tradition that led us to create our Bakhoor set that’s perfect for gifting on such occasions. So that you can not only relive your favorite memories with these cherished scents, but also gift them to the people you love.

Meeting friends at a local mosque

Fridays at our neighborhood mosques were always festive affairs. In fact, after Eid prayers, our most frequent memories of praying together with friends and family are of Friday congregations. 

And what’s a Friday without bakhoor?

In fact, the custom of burning bakhoor on a Friday isn’t new - it’s a part of our religion. In Islamic history, all Prophets ‌have used oud and bakhoor, but it was Prophet Mohammad and his companions who were known to use bakhoor most regularly, specifically on Fridays. 

And it’s the continuation of this custom that has given us memories of praying together on Fridays, and returning home to have lunch together with family.

And if reading the above made you relive your memories too, we suggest you explore the Wani bakhoor collection to gift your mother something special this Friday to remind her of those days too.

Wani’s Bakhoor Collection & Our Memories

Bakhoor Al Mouj

Al Mouj is a combination of hand-picked wood chips, cedarwood, sandalwood, and rose. A uniquely intense fragrance, when you light up this Bakhoor in your home, and its embers unveil themselves unto you one by one, you’ll be captured by the nostalgia of a childhood gone by just yesterday. 

The scent of Al Mouj will take you back to the Eid mornings in your childhood home, when you used to wake up early in the morning, get ready for the day’s exciting events, and wait as people would visit your house, handing you an envelope of Eidi on your henna-clad palms. 

The long-lasting fragrances of the bakhoor’s saffron spices and multi-layered warmth will further add delight to your guests’ olfactory senses and allow them to experience a calming effect otherwise missing from the chaos of everyday life.

Bakhoor Al Sama

With ingredients such as rose, agarwood, amber, and geranium, Al Sama is known for its calming effects on the brain and its ability to reduce stress and nervousness, regulating one’s emotions and hormonal balance. 

As you and your guests smell the scent of Al Sama, you’ll be transported back to the mornings of your summer vacations in childhood, all excited and packed up, visiting your grandma’s house.

The influence of Al Sama is such that it brings with it a peaceful memory of past experiences, while also bringing about a positive vibe to your overall day. 

Have a special evening planned at your house? Al Sama is the perfect choice of incense to burn around the house so that your guests are captivated by its scent the moment they enter your patio.

Bakhoor Al Aafiya

A blend of hand-picked wood chips with a touch of lemon grass, rose, agarwood, and musk, Al-Afiya has an intense yet soft fragrance perfect to burn on Friday mornings before you commence with your prayers. 

The ingredients of Al Aafiya consist of antibacterial and calming properties that will have you and your guests feeling relaxed after just a tiny whiff of its incense. The scent will further remind you of your mother’s perfume and have you feeling a nostalgic sense of longing for the simpler days of your childhood. 

As you smell its soft ingredients, your mood will further improve, help you get rid of any hints of a headache at the end of a tiring day, and even purify the air around you by repelling mosquitoes and other insects.

Bakhoor Al Diya

Al Diya consists of wood chips with touches of geranium, cedarwood, basil, and agarwood. The bakhoor has deep, multi-layers that reveal themselves one after the other, starting from the fragrance of Indian Rose, followed by the scent of saffron spices, and concluding with warm musk and golden agarwood. 

The aroma of Al Diya is equally calming, pleasant, and intense, providing you with a sense of comfort and much-needed nostalgia. The bakhoor is good for everyday burning and for weddings and special get-togethers.

Mabsoos Kab Sehar

Mabsoos Kab Sehar is a bakhoor powder with rose, wildflower, oak moss, and musk as its blend of ingredients. This powder is a good alternative to your usual wood chips, with an equally calming impact on your olfactory senses and brain. 

Though the dominant fragrance in this bakhoor is rose, the combination of that with oak moss and wildflower provides a unique and intense fragrance that will stay in your house hours after you’ve burned the incense.

The aroma of Sehar will remind you of pleasant and positive memories, calming your mood, and bringing you a sense of peace you’d otherwise be too busy to experience.

Luban Nadia

A blend of hand-picked wood chips with Frankincense, Rose, White Lilly, Wild Flowers, and Lavendar as its ingredients, Luban Nadia is the epitome of calming aromas and pleasant fragrances. 

As you burn the wood chips of Nadia, your olfactory senses are enhanced to welcome each scent of the bakhoor one by one, as though taking you on a journey through different stages of life and overwhelming you with the happy, simple memories belonging to all those stages. 

The scent of Luban Nadia has a freshness that stays for a long time and encourages a sense of creativity and energy in the person who gets in the proximity of it.

Al Nur Luban

Promising a blend of agarwood, wildflowers, lavender, and frankincense, Al Nur is the fragrance for those who want to be surrounded by the calming, spiritual energy of exotic and beautiful aromas. 

The scent of Al Nur can engage your guests in a pleasant and positive aura, spreading a sense of relaxation in the environment, while also making your event all the more special. 

This was a journey through Wani’s Bakhoor collection. Apart from Bakhoor, we also have a collection of Luban that you’d be interested to know more about. Visit our website and have a look at our products to get your hands on your choice of middle-eastern aromas. 

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