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Article: What is Oud? A Guide to the Intense Fragrance from MIDDLE EAST

What is Oud - A Guide to the Intense Fragrance

What is Oud? A Guide to the Intense Fragrance from MIDDLE EAST

Oud, also known as wood in Arabic, is a powerful perfume oil created distinctively and is extracted from the “Aquilaria Trees”. When an Aquilaria tree is affected by a fungus, it reacts by producing resin; as a result, it protects the wood. This resinous heartwood becomes dark and aromatic, which is called agarwood.

The infected pieces of agarwood are cut by workers into small flakes to extract the resin. These flakes are dipped in the water for a few days and then left to dry for 2 or 3 days. The resin is then extracted using different techniques that help to obtain oils of varied qualities. 

This obtained oil is called essential oil - having a woody and enveloping scent. Oud’s rare and unusual origins make it one of the most expensive scents.

The Unique Scent of the Oud

Oud is a popular Middle East fragrance, with a scent unlike any other. It has an intense musky, bittersweet, and woody aroma. Oud’s strong scent makes it instantly recognizable and draws attention. The smell ranges from sweet to earthy with some notes of spices and leather, depending on the tree that produces resin, and the methods used for its extractions.

With the charming aroma, it remains imprinted in our minds. It is one of those fragrances that evokes pure luxury and exclusivity. Therefore, it is known as the perfume of, "A Thousand and One Nights". One of the qualities of Oud is its long-lasting persistence on the skin.

The fragrance of Oud comprises diverse aspects. It has a pungent yet very pleasing smell, that invokes warm, smoky notes with a trace of dampened wood. It has a predominantly musky and sensual scent with touches of floral and fruit. 

The exquisite fragrance of Oud is the rare, precious, and intriguing gift of nature that spreads a sense of opulence, and comfort to the environment.

Value of Oud’s Essential Oil

Oud oil is the most expensive oil. It is sometimes referred to as the liquid gold, for it is estimated as one and a half times the value of gold. The reason why Oud is expensive is because of its specific process of creation. And the Agar trees that produce it are only grown in certain parts of the world. The rarity of the tree and its unique process is what makes Oud costly. 

In the composition of fragrances, Oud sits very low, meaning it lasts on the skin longer. It is usually a base note, which is why it lasts longer on the skin and serves to enhance the scent of other ingredients. 

Apart from longevity, it is a unique smell widely associated with the Middle East and has no equivalent in the perfumers of Westerners and Europeans. Oud has gained considerable interest and popularity in today’s world. 

Famous designers are using Oud’s essential oil to launch their perfumes, including Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford. These rare and exotic scents cater to those with luxurious taste and for whom money is no object. 

Benefits of Using Oud Oil

This intense oil and its uniqueness in fragrance also have many beneficial properties.

  1. The anti-inflammatory properties of Oud oil help relieve swelling when applied topically to the affected area in arthritis patients.
  2. It helps give fresh breath and clear skin with its antibacterial properties.
  3. Oud is also effective for meditation. It brings about peace, helps ease stress, and regulates sleep patterns.
  4. Oud aids in treating skin diseases and helps reduce spots on the skin to achieve clearer skin.
  5. Oud oil, known as a spiritual fragrance, also has psychoactive properties that aid in spiritual progression by instilling inner peace and generating positive energy.

Oud oil, with its capturing appeal and uplifting fragrance, not only provides a royal feel but also has a lot of benefits that make it one of a kind!


Oud oil obtained from a fungus-infected bark has become a rage of fragrances, with many famous brands including it in their perfumes. The costly oil comes with a unique scent and many health advantages capturing the markets and becoming a statement on its own.

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