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Article: Patchouli - An Intoxicating Note in Perfumery

Patchouli - An Intoxicating Note in Perfumery

Patchouli - An Intoxicating Note in Perfumery

An intensely earthy fragrance, Patchouli is a note as unique as its name. Belonging to the woody fragrance family, its robust nature, with its similarities to musky notes, and a hint of woody, nuanced spicy, and sweet scents, is what sets it apart. 

There are some who think patchouli smells too overpowering, like a wet dog, or a cold basement - but you don’t need to listen to the nay-sayers. What they consider to be patchouli is actually a fake and cheap alternative that can’t compare to the real fragrance. 

The note is mostly used in amber, chypre, and fougere fragrances. Overall, the scent of patchouli can be summed up as intensely earthy, sweet, woodsy, herbaceous, musky, and slightly medicinal. 

When you first smell the note or its essential oil, it travels you through the depths of a forest, where it has freshly rained, and the ground beneath your feet feels cold, as the smell of wet leaves and wood surrounds you. Such is the freshness and herbal sweetness of Patchouli. 

The note pairs well with different citrus, floral, and other woody notes. When used the right way, it adds a kind of sophistication and elegance to any perfume.

Origins of Patchouli

Patchouli is made and harvested in Tropical Asia, native to those regions, it’s now become common in parts of China, India, and western Africa. 

The distinct scent of Patchouli comes from its large, fuzzy leaves and stems. These are harvested and dried multiple times a year after which patchouli essential oil is extracted from them. 

The components of patchouli consist of germacrene-B, norpatchoulenol, and patchoulol. The latter is mainly responsible for the earthy, sweet smell of the note. While norpatchoulenol also contributes to the intensity of the scent. The former, germacrene-B is associated with the woody scent that makes patchouli a preferred ingredient as an insect-repellant. 

Patchouli in Aroma Therapy

Patchouli is preferred for use mostly in aroma therapy. The scent is known to stabilize one’s mood, elevate emotions, bring a feeling of calmness, and relieve anxiety. It’s known as an emotionally balancing scent that relaxes both the mind and the body, making it an essential therapy product used during relaxation and meditative exercises. 

The scent is also very commonly used as an aphrodisiac.

Personalities that Love Patchouli

With its woody, earthy, and soft olfactory design, Patchouli has always made a mark on the younger audience, that lives a carefree and enthusiastic life. It’s equally disliked, although, by the older audience that has specific societal roles to fulfill. 

Why though, you ask? Because patchouli activates the love hormone, endorphins, in the system of those who smell it. And while the younger, more carefree audience is eager for the idea of love itself, the older audience just doesn’t have that kind of time or space to let this hormone roam free in their lives. 

The note is a favorite among those with a rebellious, more independent nature, who love experiments and don’t shy away from taking risks that turn into adventure. 

Wani Fragrances with Patchouli


A radiant and sophisticated fragrance, Amber is composed of a blend of powerful yet soft notes with Patchouli right at its heart to bring a kind of calmness and musky softness as the perfume starts to settle a while after it's applied. The patchouli in addiction provides a balance of softness and intensity, bringing a feel-good nature to the perfume not found elsewhere. 

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