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Article: Top Six Health Benefits of Using Luban

Top Six Health Benefits of Using Luban

Top Six Health Benefits of Using Luban

Frankincense also known as “gum Arabic powder” or “Luban” is a natural gum that includes dried resins, and it is sourced from Boswellia sacra. It is a native tree mainly in Yemen and Africa. Amazingly, there are tons of health benefits of incense that a human body can get by just burning it. This natural Luban has been used in medicine, woodwork, and baking ingredients for a long time. 

Now the question is, what makes Luban this useful? 

The answer to that question is very simple – it contains many different ingredients such as glucuronic acid, galactose, glycoprotein, and arabinogalactan protein (all these ingredients are extremely rich in proteins) these nutrients are what make your health a great one as mentioned below:

1. Purifies Air

There are numerous health benefits of frankincense Luban but one of the most important is that it helps in purifying the air as it has certain floral perfumes of incense that have antibacterial properties that help in refreshing the home. The burning of Luban is also a quick and easy method to get rid of any unwanted odor. 

Its burning brings a sense of new beginnings, using Luban as an air purifier provides you with a fresh cleansing feel. It is suggested by some studies that it also helps in removing some diverse pathogenic bacteria from the air within closed areas. 

A benefit that our ancestors felt spiritually makes it a constant in the holy places.

2. Meditation

In various religious practices, the lighting of Luban or incense is believed to empower our spiritual focus and also deepens our attention. The scent of burning incense can give you a helping hand in tapping your spiritual connections, as it calms down your mind and environment by cleansing the space for your outer as well as inner journeys. This is why it is best to burn Luban as a pre-meditation ritual at the beginning of every sitting.

3. Medicinal Uses

Serotonin is a natural mood stabilizer as it assists in sleeping, digestion, and eating, it also gives a helping hand in reducing anxiety, depression, and headaches. Scents that a burning incense releases produces serotonin in your body. Incense can be an alternative to taking pharmaceuticals. 

It is an amazing non-medicinal method of increasing the healthy hormones t

4. Helps In Sleeping

Luban can be effective to help you fall asleep. Chamomile, Vetiver, and Lavender invoke a restfulness and calming effect for a busy mind. All you have to do before going to sleep is to light your favorite incense for fifteen or twenty minutes. Allow its scent to rotate around the room and do not forget to time it so the Luban burns out before you fall asleep. In addition, it is a safer nighttime practice as compared to candles. 

5. Yoga Practice

The aroma of incense helps you to give a boost to your energy and allows you to focus on your workout. Burning of incense helps in blocking bad scents during your yoga classes – so the incense keeps the odor distraction low. 

6. Enhances Creativity

A right-selected scent of Luban sparks your abilities of brainstorming and improves your mental health. Woody incense upsurges fragrances such as citrus, lemon grass, etc. it establishes your creative zone and also helps in finding your flow while you do some imaginative work like painting, writing, or any other form of creativity – incense creates a space in your mind for wonderful notes. 

Final Words!

There are numerous benefits of incense, it has been used in traditional medicines for centuries now. The burning of Luban helps in calming your mind after a long, tiring day. You can shop for different Luban today from our official collection of Luban

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