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Article: A Walk Through the Woody Scent of Epic

Woody Scent of Epic

A Walk Through the Woody Scent of Epic

While Wani has a collection of perfumes that have unique names and compositions, there is one that associates itself with legendary, luxurious, and romantic grandeur seldom found in any fragrance around the world; Epic and its delicately yet powerfully manufactured woody scent. 

Just like its name suggests, EPIC is for those who love to boast a cautious yet bold, composed yet exciting personality. This perfume has been made keeping in mind people who love to not just take on risks, but also show their courageous and confident personalities in front of the world. 

The woody scent of Epic represents those that are reliable and adventurous, lively and athletic, minimalists and perfectionists. Combine that with the sweet, fruity, and musky notes of the perfume, and you get a personality that is whole, full of warmth, bravery, and confidence all in equal amounts. 

If you’re someone who loves crossing the line between comfort and the unknown adventures life has to offer, maybe Epic is the ultimate scent you’ve been looking for! This article has all the details you need to read about your favorite perfume from our family of fragrances.

Top Notes


While real leather is more suitable for making apparel and other kinds of material, in perfumes, leather accords are used as an ingredient to bring them a leathery, woody scent to make their fragrance a bit more powerful yet sensual enough to be suited to perfume lovers. 

The leather accords in Wani’s Epic fall on a much softer, delicate side of scents, unlike those utilized in making Grey Ash. The scent of leather displays a soft suede origin with hints of amber and almond aromas. The scent is perfect for everyone with its seductive yet elegant and tough yet animalic composition.


Animalic scent is typically animal musk, now derived synthetically to keep from harming any animals. This note is primarily used in powerfully designed perfumes to provide a form of balance to the sweet notes of the perfume with a rawer, stronger touch that keeps the perfume’s fragrance from being too overpowering for the user.


The major benefit of adding amber notes to any perfume is to bring out the rich and aromatic scents of the perfume to its user’s conscious senses. It’s an ingredient that adds depth and fullness to any fragrance or bakhoor it becomes a part of.

In Epic, Amber is used mostly with a focus on its resins, providing you with a richly fresh and oriental scent that balances out the stronger scent of leather in the top note of the perfume while complementing its overall woody scent. The smell brings about a sense of calmness when it reveals itself in front of the user, making it more refreshing to use when you’re going out on a long trip.

Heart Notes


The softest, most subtle note used in any perfume, musk is a minimal scent that provides any strong perfume with a balance that makes it delicately elegant combined with Epic’s woody scent, perfect to use at any time. The synthetic musk designed and used at Wani perfumes is manufactured using organic ingredients without harming our vision of providing our clientele with sustainable and high-quality ingredients.


Bursting with ripe, fresh fruit scents, the fruity note at the heart of Epic really brings out everything this fragrance stands for. As opposed to its woody, leathery, and spicy notes, the fruity note of this perfume provides it with a nuanced texture, fortifying the overall feel and scent of the fragrance.


Exuding an opulent woody scent, this note belongs to the earthy, woody fragrance Family of perfumes, depicting its mossy and grassy origins. Due to the warm and rich scent of wood, this note has been paired with fruity and musky heart notes to balance out each of these fragrances’ aromatic weight that combines and leads to the refreshing scent of Epic.

Base Notes

Warm Spicy

The Warm Spicy notes at the base of Epic give it the strong and powerful ingredients that make the perfume’s fragrance last a long time. This note provides the overall components of the scent with a charming, exciting, and hot aroma that adds to its woody scent and makes the perfume compelling for the user, and they can’t help but return to it over and over again.


Created traditionally from notes of incense, birch tar, tobacco, etc. the smoky scent in Epic makes the perfume perfect to be worn on wintry nights while going out on a special dinner. The smoky fragrance is excitingly explosive, making it directly associated with feelings of happiness and thrill, and blends in very perfectly with the overall woody scent of Epic.

Fresh Spicy

The base of Epic is composed of spicy yet woody and smoky scents, and fresh spicy feels like a cherry on top of all those warm scents with its powerful yet refreshingly spicy fragrance, bringing the overall design of Epic to an end as intense as its top-most notes’ beginning.

This is all we can tell you about the detailed, organic, and sustainable design of Epic and the spicy yet woody scents it promises. It’s definitely a favorite among our customers, and you’ll know exactly why when you use it on yourself. Read more from Wani in our blogs.

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