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Article: The Top Scented Notes to uplift your mood

The Top Scented Notes to uplift your mood

The Top Scented Notes to uplift your mood

Did you know that different scents can affect your mood differently? 

Smell is the strongest of the senses that can influence our brain activity. Our sense receptors links with the limbic system that processes emotions. When we smell a provocative fragrance, the connection of our sense receptors with our limbic system ends up targeting our emotions and impacting our mood.

Fragrances are made up of three different notes: top notes, heart notes, and base notes. These are carefully selected to make a perfect scent to evoke different experiences.

Top Notes

Top scented notes are detected immediately after spraying. They set up the first impression of any fragrance. These are the lightest of all notes and, as a result, they evaporate the quickest - lasting for only five to fifteen minutes. The top note aims to give off an initial scent of the fragrance.

Heart Notes

Heart notes are known as, like the name suggests, the heart of any fragrance. They are also called the middle notes and make up 40-80% of any scent since they’re when the olfactory build-up of any fragrance begins. Unlike top notes, they last longer and work to retain the aroma of the top notes.

Base Notes

Base notes are the most long-lasting out of all three notes. They aim to blend in with the heart notes to boost the lighter notes and deepen the overall experience. While the top notes make the initial impression, heart notes take that forward, and base notes help create the final lasting impression in any fragrance.

Scent specialists work on creating a perfect blend of the above three notes to ensure a fragrance that gives us a certain aura and presence when we spray any perfume around ourselves. 

Different fragrances conjure up different emotions and understanding it can help us determine which perfume to wear depending on the occasion. 

Let us find out the different scents and their relationship with our moods.

Scents To Help You Feel Calm And Relaxed


Jasmine is associated with purity and love and belongs to the top scented notes. It has a sweet floral scent to it. The smell of jasmine gives a calming and comforting effect. It produces a feeling of positivity; hence, jasmine oil is often used as an anti-depressant due to its uplifting capabilities. 

So, if you are feeling blue, spritz some jasmine to lift your mood and alleviate depressive symptoms. The floral scent of jasmine makes it more of a feminine scent; a scent that is sweet and womanly, whilst spreading the feelings of positivity. 


Vanilla is one of the most popular unisex scents and makes for a perfect base note. It is a happy scent with a sweet and warming fragrance that helps you relax. It has a bright and refreshing note that elevates feelings of joy and energizes your mood, just like any refreshing soda or delicious ice cream.


This scent is used as a middle or base note in different fragrances. Sandalwood has a woody scent that is known to aid in emotional balancing, bringing harmony to the mind and eliciting feelings of calm. This note is therefore linked to meditation. Are you feeling anxious and stressed? Spray on some sandalwood fragrance to soothe your mind and find your peace again.

Scents That Help You Feel Energized


Citrus scents are popular among males and females both. These scents are invigorating, perfect to make you feel alert and energized. Among all the different types of top scented notes, citrus scent is known to boost your mood in a highly refreshing way, promoting feelings of cool and calm that reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety.

Scents For Focus


Rosemary can enhance concentration and memory. A perfect pickup before heading for an important and busy day. And in addition to building focus and helping you improve your memory, it has stimulating properties that fight physical and mental exhaustion to get you going.


Cinnamon is a spicy scent that stimulates feelings of warmth and relaxation. It helps you energize and focus while helping you relieve the feeling of tiredness. It provides you with a well-deserved energy boost after a long tiring day.


Whether you want to feel calm and relaxed after an exhausting day at work or looking to energize yourself to jazz up the day, or trying to concentrate on a task, the different fragrances have got you covered! Perfumes affect your moods in their own way, so knowing which one you need at the right time can aid you in creating the perfect aura for yourself and uplift your mood.

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