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Article: Significance Of Using Attars/ Ittars During The Holy Month

Significance Of Using Attars/ Ittars During The Holy Month

Significance Of Using Attars/ Ittars During The Holy Month

The time for prayer, fasting, introspection and spiritual growth is almost here. People are embracing the spirit of EID, building connections and sharing unforgettable moments with loved ones. 

And given that love only grows by sharing, people are putting a lot of effort into Eidi's during this festive week. One such perfect gifting option that is not only the epitome of luxury but also holds spiritual connections is Attar. Attars or ittars are highly concentrated perfumes, free from alcohol and made from botanical sources. These are linked to the rich cultural traditions of Middle Eastern nations and are regarded as the pinnacle of luxury.

Spiritual significance of attars

Self-improvement and reflection 

Using attar during the holy month is a way for self-introspection and personal development. Its fragrance serves as a reminder of one's ambitions and makes oneself conscious of one's deeds, words and thoughts. Attars or ittars allow you to feel best in your own skin and bring you a step closer to purification during the holy month.

Connection to tradition

Attars have a rich historical and cultural significance in many communities. Using Attars during the holy month is considered a way to reconnect with traditional practices and customs passed down through generations. It can evoke a sense of nostalgia and cultural identity, deepening one's spiritual connection during this auspicious month.

Symbol of purity 

Many attars are alcohol-free. They are a suitable alternative for individuals seeking non-alcoholic fragrance options during the holy month. BTW, if you, too, prefer avoiding alcohol-based perfumes or have sensitivities or allergies to alcohol, we highly recommend you check out our collection.

Benefits of using Attars during the holy month

  1. Elevating ambience: Its fragrance is often associated with spirituality and has been used for centuries in religious and meditative practices. The pleasing and natural scents of Attars can help create a tranquil and serene atmosphere, enhancing the spiritual experience during prayers and meditation.
  2.  Enhancing one's personality: Attars offer a unique and pleasing fragrance that can be worn as a personal scent. During the holy month, when one engages in fasting and abstains from certain activities, an attar's subtle and natural fragrance compliments the wearer's personality. It provides a pleasant and refreshing aroma without overwhelming the senses.

Types of Attars

Wani's exquisite collection of attars creates an enchanting aroma that elevates the ambience of any space. Here are some of our best-selling attars to try during the holy month.

Wani Mukhalat Oil 

Notes: Juniper, Cardamom, Musk and Pepper

Wani Black Oud Oil 

Notes: Rose, Musk, Woody Fragrance Oud 

Wani Zahra Oil

Notes: Centifolia Rose Absolute, Saffron Musk, Black Pepper

Wani Dahnal Oud Dahab Oil


Notes: Agarwood & Oud

How to use attars

Attar oils are highly concentrated and potent, so they require a different application method compared to regular perfumes or colognes. The most conventional and time-honoured method of using attars or ittars is to apply it gently to one's clothes and pulse points. It can be applied using the stick applicator or the roller head on the perfume bottle.

For optimal results, attar should be applied to the following pulse points after a relaxing and warm shower.

  • Wrists: A classic choice, as the constant movement of arms helps to disperse the fragrance, creating a sense of dynamism.
  • Behind ears/neck: Applying attars or ittars behind the ears allows for a subtle diffusion of scent as one moves throughout the day.
  • Collar bones: This spot is ideal for creating a feeling of intimacy and allure.
  • Inner elbows: By applying the oil to the inner elbows, the scent is partially concealed in the crook of the arm, allowing for longer-lasting diffusion. It's particularly suitable for environments where frequent handwashing is necessary.
  • Behind knees: This area allows the fragrance to gradually waft upward throughout the day. The back of the knees tends to be warm and soft, making it more likely to project the scent. It's especially enjoyable during summer when the fragrance accompanies the crossing and uncrossing of legs.

Final Thoughts 

The use of attars or ittars during the holy month is a cherished traditional ritual with spiritual and cultural significance. These natural fragrances connect individuals with their cultural heritage, enhance the spiritual atmosphere, symbolise purity, facilitate personal reflection, and foster a sense of identity and celebration. Let the gentle scents of attars accompany you on this sacred journey of devotion and self-discovery.

#TeamWani wishes you Eid Mubarak!

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