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Article: Intertwining Scents & Personality - Choosing the Right Fragrances

Intertwining Scents & Personality - Choosing the Right Fragrances

Intertwining Scents & Personality - Choosing the Right Fragrances

It isn’t just about how you look, but how you smell that can significantly impact your overall first impression. We have all been in a situation when we were overwhelmed by someone’s perfume more than any other trait of their personality. This is why choosing the right fragrances can make or break the deal for you whether you are going on a date or meeting a client for the first time.

According to a survey, just applying an appealing perfume can make you 10 times more attractive to the opposite gender. If you generally smell nice, people will often overlook other visible factors of your personality. Despite there being a myriad of options in the market, you need to develop a signature scent that defines your true inner self and leaves a lasting impression on people you meet.

In this article, we will discuss 6 different types of perfume fragrance families that complement individuals with specific personality traits. Now, let’s see what kind of fragrance family you can relate to, depending on your personality type.

  1. Floral

    Florals account for the largest collections in perfume families, which is why they have the most diverse note range among their counterparts. People who fancy floral fragrances are mostly sociable and warm-natured individuals. Because of their refined taste in perfume scents, they only settle for the floral odors that resonate with their personalities. They are usually straightforward people who want any unwanted complications in life.

    Floral fans are often not excited to try other new fragrances of the perfume lore: they are always after an all-encompassing classic scent that can be worn on any occasion and venue. If jasmine, iris, and lily are scents that instantly transform your mood, then you are truly a floral fan.

    Check out Zen from Wani perfumes for all your floral fragrance needs.

  2. Oriental

    Sporting an oriental fragrance perfume is something that only a few of us can do. However, if you have that unique femme fatale vibe around you, then you can take full advantage of this rich and luxurious family of fragrances. Exuding warmth and opulence, oriental fragrances have the power of making you the center of attention in any space.

    Typically, these perfumes are drizzled with a diverse range of perfume notes such as vanilla, incense, sweet tobacco, and honey. If you are confident enough to wear a bold and indulgent scent, then you are going to absolutely adore the oriental fragrance family. However, these blends can sometimes be overbearing, so you should be mentally prepared before liberally spraying a bottle of oriental perfume.

  3. Fruity

    While you might imagine that people who are into fruity scents would be like the strawberry, in reality, it is quite the opposite. In most cases, they are easily irritable and cranky. Even though they know their way around sarcasm, they often get offended when it is directed toward them by someone else. If you love the smells of berries, tropical fruits, and apples, you are a true fruity fan.

    Apart from the above-mentioned personality traits, fruity users are also highly playful and have a great sense of humor. Despite being moody, a good scent can quickly bring them to laughter no matter where they are. Their entire life runs at full throttle, and the same goes for their choice of scents: they are always on the lookout for a new refreshing fruity perfume. Wani’s Mia is the perfect fragrance for those who don’t mind an energetic blend of fruity floral scents in their wardrobe.

  4. Chypre

    The word Chypre translates to “Cyrpus” in French, and the fragrance family is named after the classic perfume “Chypre de Coty.” These fragrances are full of character and radiate elegance and enigma. There is no surprise that wearers of chypres are highly sophisticated and mature, and are mainly driven by a strong ambition throughout their life. What’s more, they like to always get dressed up and have an inborn talent for socializing with people. Most chypre fragrances comprise a complex combination of various notes such as citrus, rose, jasmine, incense, and oak moss.

    Chypre’s odor is all about revitalizing your mind instead of the body. They are appreciated by perfume connoisseurs who are very particular about their fashion sense and take their life seriously. Nonetheless, these people have a unique charisma that is never overshadowed by their cerebral personality type.

  5. Citrus

    Do you always end up taking the leading position in a group situation? Would you consider yourself a dominant and alpha individual? If you said yes, then we bet that you are going to adore citrus-based perfumes. Because of your exceptional ambition and drive to succeed, you might often be viewed as aggressive and rude. But don’t worry, there is no shame in being an outspoken and confident person who doesn’t hesitate to speak the truth. Just make sure you don’t come across as too grumpy when things don’t go according to your plan.

    Citric fragrance fans are people who value freedom in life, and they love taking part in outdoor activities and sports. Being sporty by nature, they would typically prefer a crispy laundered t-shirt over a fancy formal outfit. However, they are also prone to randomly picking a perfume from other fragrance families when the situation demands it.

    Check out our perfume collection for the citrus scent of your choosing. 

  6. Aquatic

    The aquatic fragrance family has recently emerged in the market during the last couple of decades due to which it is not easy to clearly define the personality traits of its wearers. For starters, it is clear that those who are drawn to aquatic fragrances reflect the qualities of water. Even though these people have nothing to hide, they still exhibit elusive qualities, making them difficult to hold and contain. Depending on the situation, they have the power to rage like a torrent and be calm as a limpid pool.

    Marine fragrances are typically reminiscent of salty seawater and windy coastlines, which can instantly melt your stress away. People who have a liking for aqua fragrances are often free-spirited and don’t fear living outside their comfort zones. They tend to be spontaneous and are always willing to keep on trying new things in life. They are sporty and adventurous people, who (unsurprisingly) love the sea!


So, there you have it. By identifying your unique personality traits, you would be able to make a better decision in choosing the right fragrances. While your taste in scents will keep on changing from one season to another, there will always be a signature scent that truly defines who you are.

Wearing a fragrance that complements your personality can be rather liberating, and it comes with a unique sense of freedom and originality. Don’t let others influence your fragrance choice, as you are the only person who can make the best decision. Be true to yourself and wear a fragrance that you enjoy the most. 

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