Wani Luban Mecca


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Wani Luban Nadia


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Luban Al Nur  Muattar Bakhoor


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Touch the Positivity and Delight in Every Fume of Incense Lubans

Lubans are sourced from particular trees and are also called Frankincense resin. It’s generally used in homes, churches, places of worship, and other locations where you wish to diffuse the pungent scent. Numerous other advantages come along with its earthy and refreshing scent. Hence, frankincense resin is an aromatic resin used as refreshing and enchanting incense. Numerous different species of Boswellia Sacra produce true Frankincense and Wani directly sourced from there. However, an elegant, alluring, and serene aroma is shrouded in Wani’s Frankincense resin Canada.

Elite and Impactful Vibes with the Exceptional Arabic Frankincense Incense 

Burning incense spreads an aroma that gives positive energy, a sense of strength, liveliness, and spiritual peace. Frankincense resin has a natural source of health benefits; hence, it is one of the potent antiseptics used to get rid of pesky insects, eliminates harmful bacteria, and reduces anxiety & stress. At Wani, we provide a captivating selection of Frankincense resin imported from the Middle East. Give a try to our Frankincense Arabic Luban as home incense and spread calm happiness with every smoke.

Wani Perfumes – Gripping and Bewitching Collection of Luban Incense Resin

Wani infuses high-quality original ingredients to create the perfect natural blended products that sparks your surroundings. The scents are something that captives all around and everywhere, so it’s essential to disperse the smell, which is intentionally impactful. At Wani, our most recent top-tier frankincense incense comprises main natural ingredients that roll out impeccable fumes. Our products include Luban Nadia, Luban Hegree, Al-Nur Luban, and Luban Mecca, originating from the Sultanate of Oman. It brings a soothing and calm environment. These products are unique blend of natural ingredients that prolongs the freshness in the air. Check out the captivating collection and spark all bordering!