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⁠Frankincense Luban

Touch the Positivity and Delight in Every Fume of Incense Lubans

Lubans are sourced from particular trees and are also called Frankincense resin. It’s generally used in homes, churches, places of worship, and other locations where you wish to diffuse the... Read More

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Wani Luban MeccaPure Luban MeccaGum Frankincense Tears of Boswelia Serrata
Luban Mecca Sale price$23.00 USD
Wani Luban NadiaAl Nadia Luban Muattar Bakhoor
Luban Nadia Sale price$38.00 USD
WANI LUBAN HAGREERoyal Hagree Green Frankincense
Luban Hagree Sale price$29.00 USD
White Omani FrankincenseWhite Omani Frankincense
White Omani Frankincense Sale price$41.00 USD
Luban Al Nur  Muattar BakhoorAl Nur Luban Muattar BAKHOOR
Luban Al Nur Sale price$38.00 USD