Wani Best Charcoal Tongs

Royal Golden Tong

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Conveniently Handle Charcoal & Incense with Wani's Premium Quality Tong

These best charcoal tongs are appropriate for burning charcoal and designed to take care of the burned ashes of bakhoor neatly and carefully. Tongs provide a secure way to hold charcoal tablets as you ignite them. After it has been lit on a burner then add incense to a charcoal disc to create a magnificent aura. The best charcoal for incense is coated in a material that means it can be lit with a lighter or a matchstick effortlessly and can be burned from any angle. The coating burns across the surface of the charcoal before being placed in a burner and left for a few minutes until it has started to heat through and then placed in the charcoal burner. Once the charcoal is warmed and starts to glow red, place the incense using tongs so that the entrancing and delectable scents can be released. It's wonderful to handle them with a sleek and best charcoal tong.

Firm Grip on Handling Charcoal with Suitable Apparatus – Wani's Best Charcoal Tongs 

The best charcoal for incense tongs is designed to keep your hands clean and burn-free while burning charcoal or incense. While the incense is fuming out, it emits dazzling aromas that knocks at the doors of heavens. You can easily burn your incense charcoal using our Royal Golden metal tongs. With all the necessary accessories, it is now simple to spread the enticing and tempting fragrance everywhere!