Charcoals for Perfect Bakhoor

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Infuse Dazzling Aromas in Your Surroundings with Long-Burn Charcoal for Incense

Enjoy a spectacular and delightful experience with the highest caliber of charcoal for bakhoor and incense. These charcoals are widely burned in religious sites, houses, spas, and other locations where a potent aroma is required to fume. These charcoal tablets are the perfect igniter for an incense burning bowl. The burning charcoal is excellent for imbue the sweet smell of incense into your home. Wani – the house of sparkling aroma; offers long-burning charcoals to releases the scent that relaxes your soul and pleasantly refreshes everything.

A Simple and Effective Method of Burning Charcoal for Bakhoor Incense  

Method # 01: Put the unlit charcoal into the incense burner and ignite it with an electric lighter. Add your desired incense when the charcoal for bakhoor or Luban turns greyish. It quickly spreads an enchanting aroma. By using a charcoal tong or an incense spoon crumble the ash from the charcoal if it starts to smell burned and throws it away.

Method # 02: Hold the charcoal over a flame with a charcoal tong to ignite it. Once you notice that it is sparkling and changing color gradually, use a tong to set it on your burner and add some incense to spread the aroma throughout the surrounding.

These are two quick ways to burn charcoal efficiently for incense. Now, it's time to relish the sparkling ravishing aroma of Wani-burning charcoal.