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Article: Difference Between Electric and Charcoal Bakhoor Burners

Difference Between Electric and Charcoal Bakhoor Burners

Difference Between Electric and Charcoal Bakhoor Burners

Mainly, the burners are designed to releases an exotic aroma. Coal and electric burners are two types of a burner that exudes unique incenses to exceed the feelings of captivation in atmosphere.

The enchanting and vivid aroma spreads and concurrently unlocks the energetic vibes with incense. The word "incense" is an aromatic biotic substance derived from Latin that's burned and releases incredible scents in every fume.

Frankincense and Bakhoor are two primary types of natural incense that creates an intimate atmosphere and indulge an alluring charm in an ambiance. But to burn out the captivating scent, a question pops up asking: “Which kind of burner is ideal for releasing the alluring tempting aroma, and how do you use it?”

Electric Burners – How to Use Them? 

As the name defines – A Electric Burner runs on electricity! These electric burners heat-up the incense by using electricity. It is accessible with a cord that plugs into a switch. Once plugged in, it starts to get hot enough to burn the bakhoor or frankincense scented chips. Then it releases the charming fumes that instantly fill your surroundings.

An uncomplicated way to use the electric burner is by first wrapping aluminum foil around the hot plate where the incense burns. The rationale is that as the incense starts to burn, it will discolor the plate by leaving ashes burnt marks. So, using a layer of aluminum foil is the best defense against this. While transferring heat, the aluminum foil shields the plate.

The incense can be set on top and allowed to burn entirely there after that. Aluminum foil doesn't have to enclose the hot plate completely. Simply act as a barrier between the incense and the hot plate. This method of burning incense effectively prevents the burned smell from lingering after the scent has passed, even though this may sound like an ideal way to burn incense. 

A drawback of an electric burner is that once the burner is connected to the plug, it must remain so. The plate cools down and stops burning incense if the cord is disconnected from the power source. If you want to spread the smoke throughout as is customary in the Arab World, this might be a problem because it's mandatory to keep the power source active whenever you want the pleasant aroma while strolling at home. 

Charcoal Bakhoor Burners – How do you Burn Coal?

While burning a charcoal burner, the only equipment required is an instant lighting charcoal (preferable for quick lighting), tongs to handle the incense and charcoal, a burner, and the incense (bakhoor, frankincense, natural fragrance oil, etc.). After laying the aluminum foil barrier on the burner's plate, you fire the coal on top of it and wait for it to turn greyish. Add a little incense to the burned coal when it has turned grey. The aroma will spread throughout, and as the smoke rises instantly, you'll notice a change in the ambiance and mood.

Charcoal burners tend to be more unique and elegant than metal electric burners. They are available in various sizes and patterns. Some are little, while others are enormous. Some are made of wood and have compartments to contain the Bakhoor and charcoal. With the non-electric burner, you have more possibilities for styling, allowing you to be more distinctive and individual in your selections. A charcoal bakhoor burner is portable and can be easily used everywhere. No batteries or electricity are required. Take coal, light it, and go.

Whether it is a camping night or you want to experience a luxurious and mellow feeling while driving, during a bonfire, or anywhere else – a charcoal burner spreads ecstatic songs of fragrances in every situation when a power source is difficult to come by.

What to Choose – Charcoal or Electrical? 

It is up to you! Both burners are ideal at their own places. But if you want a natural, earthy, and deep aroma, a charcoal burner is the way to go because this incense spreads a more organic and natural vibe.

On the contrary, an electric burner diffuses an enchanting and earthy fragrance. You don't need to worry about buying charcoal over and over again while employing the electric burner. Neither would you encounter a circumstance where you would run out of coal and need to hop to a store selling that charcoal.

The two burner prices are different from one another as well. For obvious reasons, electric burners are typically a little more expensive than charcoal burners. When compared to their non-electric counterparts, these burners might cost three to four times as much to operate. 

In the end, it is entirely up to you how you want to burn your incense. Everything comes down to personal preference. While burning your preferred aroma find a top-tier charcoal bakhoor burner at Wani that is available in a variety of distinctive patterns coupled with attractive color combinations and ideal for gifts.

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