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Article: Benefits of Using Bakhoor in Your Home

Benefits of Using Bakhoor in Your Home

Benefits of Using Bakhoor in Your Home

Bakhoor is aromatic incense made of wood chips, soaked in fragrant oil and mixed with other natural ingredients like sandalwood, musk, and resin. When we burn bakhoor on a traditional incense burner, it gives off an exotic scent and makes the environment pleasant. 

Bakhoor is popular in the Middle East with men and women both using bakhoor to fragrance their houses or clothes. It is used for special occasions like welcoming guests or for weddings. The aromatic scent spread off by bakhoor makes the atmosphere calm and meditative.

With so many different choices available as home fragrances, why should you choose bakhoor? 

There are many physical, spiritual, emotional, and medicinal benefits offered by bakhoor. Here are some of the benefits of using bakhoor in your home.


    Bakhoor is known to affect the central nervous system. It aids in relieving the feelings of stress and anxiety and brings you to a state of calmness. Having bakhoor as your home fragrances can take away all your tiredness after being home from work. Inhaling the scent of bakhoor will relax and calm your nerves through its healing properties. You can also use bakhoor as your nighttime routine to help you prepare your body for sleep. Any stress on your mind, that, might weigh you down can be soothed by the aromatic emissions of bakhoor.


    Bakhoor has calming properties that provide you with better awareness of the mind and body. It brings your mind in tune with your body and improves your overall physical and mental functionality. The therapeutic aroma of bakhoor removes negative energies and gives clarity to your mind.


    The tranquil mind enhances creativity. Due to bakhoor’s stress-relieving qualities, it helps to uncloud the mind, improve the focus, and get the creative juices flowing. Bakhoor sets your mind free from worries and lets you explore the creative abilities within you. So, meditate with the fumes of bakhoor and unleash your creative side to create inspired work.


    Bakhoor is also known as increasing spiritual awareness. The Buddhists, monks, and Sufis use the aroma of bakhoor for spiritual purposes. It is also popular in Islamic households to use for their religious ceremonies. Bakhoor allows the person to be at peace. The fragrant smoke of bakhoor attracts angels and brings along good blessings.


    With mental and spiritual benefits, bakhoor has antimicrobial properties that can be beneficial in healing minor physical ailments. If you’re someone who struggles with breathing problems, like asthma, Bakhoor can help relieve the symptoms and aid in breathing comfortably. People with epilepsy can also soothe their symptoms with the usage of bakhoor.


Bakhoor offers plenty of benefits. From its emotional benefits of calming your mind to promoting harmony within your body and mind. It also produces spiritual effects through its aromatic fumes and increases your mental clarity, so you can be ready to take on the world!

Bakhoor, with all the other benefits, has medical values too and makes it an all-rounder fragrance. You may either; use it as a fragrance to perfume the body or as a burning Oudh to fumigate your home.

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