Wani Jade Perfume

Wani Jade Perfume - Men

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$55.00 CAD
Wani Onyx Perfume

Wani Onyx Perfume - Unisex

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Wani Sapphire Perfume

Sapphire - Unisex

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Wani Ruby Perfume

Wani Ruby Perfume - Unisex

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Wani Gemstone Perfume Collection

Accentuate your style with alluring fragrances of Gemstone collection manufactured with fruity, earthy, patchouli, and leathery notes that refresh your soul by bursting out the captivating aroma. These premium fragrances exuding out-off magnificent perfumes are ultimately designed for unisex to fascinate their personality with alluring aroma. The rich-smelling fragrance evokes the sensations of enchantment and craziness. Each beautifully designed perfume bottle is carved from gemstone comprising an aroma that fills the air with songs of beauty and joy. Our gemstone perfumes update your signature set and allows you to blowout the natural sensation that abruptly grows madness and dominates the setting. The collection of these rich fragrances is extremely valuable and exceptional because each gemstone has distinguished and unique aesthetics that are infused to blend these premium Gemstone Perfumes.

Icon of Sophistication and Elegance

The mesmerizing Wani Gemstone Perfume Collection is a gift to every individual who gives-off exciting vibes. These fragrances are inspired by gemstone collection dominating the signs of extravagantly boldness, powerful protection, real magnificence, and true loyalty. Bottling with fresh charismatic choices, these rich-smelling gemstone unisex perfumes category is a cult classic that has been revived with a provocative modern aesthetics. They are scented out with the concept of diving under the glittering depths! Wani blends the most demanded Middle Eastern notes with European petrochemicals to create these trendy scents for every individual. Extracting essential oils out-off natural ingredients as such Mandarin, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Tars, Alcohols and Petrochemicals to allure you to the rapturous tastes and become your perfect choice in your mini-world of fragrance.

Lovely Wani Gemstone Fragrances for Individuals

Our Gemstone Collection has mastered the art of perfumery and creates the premium fragrances for every individual. Wani gemstone perfume collection is manufactured with perfect blended notes infusing Eu De Parfum concentration to strengthen the fragrance's longevity. Wani's broad array of Gemstone Perfumes consists of various long-lasting and rich smelling fragrances; Wani Sapphire, Wani Ruby, Wani Jade, and Wani Onyx Perfumes, are inspired by glittering Gemstones. They have the perfect blend of different notes that burst out the compelling sensation in every spritz touching the edge of royalty and elegance. The premium fragrances wearers will be able to enchant and fascinate anybody whom they encounter throughout their journey.